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Gin Recipies


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There are different ways to drink and mix gin. Mixing ratios vary from 1:1 - 1:4 depending on taste. some combinations require ice cubes, others require gin at room temperature or a pre-cooled glass.

General preparation

  1. pour gin into a glass
  2. add tonic water. It is best to open the tonic bottle just before pouring, so that as little carbon dioxide is lost as possible.
  3. add ice cubes (optional)
  4. place fruits/herbs in the glass
  5. mix carefully with a cocktail stick or similar


This gin has a mild taste of cherry blossoms and fruits. Naturally berries or other fruits go best with it.

Soft Nashi

  • Gin: 4cl
  • Tonic: Fever Tree Elderflower
  • Fruits: Nashi quarter cut
  • Herbs: Thyme
  • Ice cubes: 2x
  • Ratio: 1:4

Fresh Lime

  • Gin: 4cl
  • Tonic: Schweppes Dry
  • Fruits: Lime + orange skin
  • Herbs: -
  • Ice cubes: 2x
  • Ratio: 1:3

Thomas Dakin

Dakin has a strong scent of citrus and lemon. It can be paired with Tonic waters like 1724 or the ones listed below.

The ‘One’

  • Gin: 5cl
  • Tonic: Fever Tree Classic
  • Fruits: Cucumber
  • Herbs:-
  • Ice cubes: 3x
  • Ratio: 1:3


  • Gin: 4cl
  • Tonic: Fentimans 19:05 Herbal Tonic Water
  • Fruits: -
  • Herbs: -
  • Ice cubes: 4x
  • Ratio: 1:4