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If you like my blog and the things I write about, I am of course very happy. But I don’t need any (financial) support and I’m not asking for it here. Instead, I would like to use this page to highlight some projects that I personally like and support, in no particular order.

Software Projects:

Websites and Githubs:

Social projects:

When it comes to social projects, I find that donating directly to an organisation you trust is the best way to help, if only for the transparency and peace of mind that you have made a difference and/or that your donation is reaching the recipient.

I could go on and on with these recommendations, but my point is simple: many of the systems, tools, services, etc. are based on the work of volunteers and are usually completely free. It doesn’t always have to be a monetary donation; helping to write documentation, translating texts, fixing bugs, or tutoring maths in a youth centre are all ways of contribution.